How Amy E. LeClair Graphic Design and Brand Studio helps business owners realize their vision –

How Amy E. LeClair Graphic Design and Brand Studio helps business owners realize their vision –

Amy LeClair, owner and operator of Amy E. LeClair Graphic Design and Brand Studio in Cavan Monaghan Township, develops uniquely personal relationships with her clients so she can better understand their design, branding, and marketing needs and use her talents to bring their visions to life. (Photo: Photography With Care)

If you ask clients of Peterborough-area graphic designer and brand strategist Amy LeClair how she has helped them realize their vision, they’ll mention Amy’s creative talent and her strong work ethic — but they’ll also describe how she makes the extra effort to understand the person behind the business.

The owner and operator of Amy E. LeClair Graphic Design and Brand Studio begins bringing her clients’ visions to life by first developing a uniquely personal relationship with each client.

“My conversations with clients are not always strictly about their project,” Amy explains. “They can also be about other things that are significant in their life. It becomes a relationship that’s always professional, but understanding them on another level aids in the design process because a brand is often influenced by personal value identities.”

Work by Amy E. LeClair Graphic Design and Brand Studio for the Peterborough Symphony Orchestra’s 2022 season. As Amy’s business has grown, so has her capacity to give back to the community. During the pandemic, she provided some pro bono work to the PSO to keep them going during a difficult period. (Photo: Amy LeClair)

“For instance, through conversations with one client I learned that they are personally committed to the support of children’s causes,” Amy says. “That actually aligned perfectly with their business, but they hadn’t thought they could incorporate that personal passion into their brand — I helped them do that in a genuine way. It was about being able to provide the client with a wider perspective.”

The idea for Amy’s business, located in Cavan Monaghan Township, began in 2004 when she decided her professional goal was to build a career that would satisfy both her passion for visual art and her entrepreneurial spirit.

She realized that goal in 2010, when she officially registered Amy E. LeClair Graphic Design and Brand Studio.

In June 2020, Amy made her son Ross his own brand, ‘Bushcraft Rising’, as part of a home schooling project during the pandemic. She and Ross, who was five at the time, sold over 30 t-shirts, 15 mugs, and many hats. (Photo: Amy LeClair)

According to Amy, the satisfaction that comes from bringing her clients’ ideas to life is addictive. Clients come to her with a general concept of what they want and how they want it to look. Amy then uses her expertise to make that concept a reality. That includes everything from designing eye-catching logos, marketing campaigns, and social media content to producing print brochure layouts and developing websites.

“When someone brings me their idea, it’s theirs,” Amy says. “It’s their baby, they’ve spent a lot of time thinking about it, and they bring it to me in trust. They want to get their idea out there but either don’t have the skill set to put it all together themselves, or need support in finding a creative focus. …….


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